About Ausputzer

The Ausputzer football brand was officially established in 2005 by two fanatic football enthusiasts, who both happened to be huge t-shirt freaks as well. Both from the city of Groningen, they decided to start their business venture from that same city. Soon after the official establishment of the brand, the first official collection of shirts was released in the early spring of 2006.

After some years, the two original founding fathers of the Ausputzer football brand had to go their own separate ways to follow the independent paths of both of their careers. Because of that, the Ausputzer project was basically put to sleep. But many years later, the original Ausputzer founders, sort of bumped into each other again. And with years of new and international experience in several different industries, that they had both gained during their separate careers, they decided to reunite their forces and to dust of the sleeping Ausputzer football brand. Within just weeks after they had reunited, the Ausputzer football brand was officially reestablished.

Within some time after the relaunch of the Ausputzer football brand, the original founders of Ausputzer successfully created a new corporate identity, an updated business plan and several raw sketches and designs for a new fashion collection.

Next to that, they also developed a new program for artists and designers from all over the world to collaborate with the Ausputzer football brand on a series of very exclusive and artistic football-related art-prints and football-related t-shirts.

The renewed philosophy and focus of the Ausputzer football company, basically means that the company and brand will purely focus on football and the ever evolving world around it.

Ausputzer will also focus on releasing many other football related products and services, such as; art, limited edition poster prints, retro replica shirts, custom club merchandise and many other exclusive football-related products. Ausputzer also comes with a special range of products of which a more than fair share of the profits will be shared with a number of different charitable organizations related to football.

Exclusively for teams and clubs only, Ausputzer also offers a service for the production and customization of Ausputzer football kits, designed with special 3D software, by their very experienced in-house design studio.

The Ausputzer customized football Kits are made of the highest quality, environmentally friendly materials and are tailored with precise craftsmanship and love for the beautiful game of football.

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